Drawing sections

Further more, you can display, plot and print results at specified sections graphically using the sub program ELPLA-Section. It is possible to draw settlements, contact pressures, deformation, internal forces, modulus of subgrade reaction and reinforcement (Figure A-15 to Figure A-17). It is also possible to determine extreme values of the results from many load cases. The results can be presented graphically as follows:

1- Section in x-direction
2- Max./ Min. values in x-direction
3- Overlapping in x-direction
4- Section in y-direction
5- Max./ Min. values in y-direction
6- Overlapping in y-direction
7- Arbitrary section

Also, drawing sections, if desired, can be saved as WMF-Format files. In which can be exported to other Windows applications such as Word, WordPerfect and AutoCAD to prepare reports, slide presentations, or add further information.

Figure A-15 Results can be plotted at specified section

Figure A-16 Results from many projects can be plotted together

Figure A-17 Max. and Min. values can be calculated and plotted together

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