GEOTEC Office Applications with Multilingual User Interface

The new English-language versions of GEOTEC Office applications with Multilingual User Interface (MUI) are now available. The Multilingual User Interface Pack is a set of language XML resource files that can be added to the English version of GEOTEC Office applications. MUI Pack allows the user interface language to be changed according to the preferences of individual users to one of the available supported languages. MUI Pack provides a single version of GEOTEC Office applications to which users can add one or more MUI Packs providing localized user interface and help files. Now, three languages are already available in ELPLA 9.1; English, German and Arabic.

The major benefits of the new MUI Pack are:

- Allows user interface switching between languages

- Easy to update with new languages

- Language-specific updates do not affect all languages

- Languages are XML based resources that make it easier to users to add their own languages.


Two-Dimensional Frame Problems

  The analysis of Two-Dimensional frame problems is now available in ELPLA.

Now you can define the language of the user interface and help system used in GEOTEC Office applications. To select or change GEOTEC Office language setting, start “GEOTEC Office Language Settings” tool by clicking on the program icon in the Windows Start-Menu> GEOTEC Office> GEOTEC Office Tools. The language setting tool (Figure B-1) appears.

- In the “Display menus and dialog boxes in” list box, you can change the language of the menus     and dialog boxes used in the GEOTEC Office applications. After selecting a new language, you    must quit and restart any Office applications you are currently using.
- In the “Display Help in” list box, you can change the language of the Help system used in              the GEOTEC Office applications.


Figure B-1 "GEOTEC Office Language Settings" Tools


A new template for generating second-order curved elements, Figure B-3, is now available for circular slab. As shown in Figure B-4, the new mesh refinement provides a better distribution of the results a round the center of the circle, which reduces the local error in the elements around the center.


Figure B-3 Circular slab with curved elements


Figure B-4 Contour distribution for curved elements to the left and old elements to the right

Home page link Enhancements in ELPLA 9.1 (MUI)

When you starting ELPLA for the first time, the “ELPLA Quick Tour” program (Figure B-2) appears. The tour program gives a quick access to the main contents of the ELPLA package as shown in Table B-1:

‎Table B-1  ELPLA Quick Tour Contents




- Taking the user step by step through some simple examples.

- These examples will help the user to become familiar with the most            important functions of ELPLA.

Verification Examples

- Verify the mathematical models used in program ELPLA by comparing      ELPLA results with closed form or another published results.

- Illustrate how to use ELPLA for analyzing foundation by different subsoil    models.

User's Guide

Display the complete User’s Guide in a PDF-Format.


Start ELPLA to create a new project

In the "Show this screen each time ELPLA starts" check box, you can choose whether you need to start the Quick Tour program each time when ELPLA starting or not. Also, you can start the “ELPLA Quick Tour” program any time by clicking on the program icon in the Windows Start-Menu> GEOTEC Office> Welcome to ELPLA.


Figure B-2  "ELPLA Quick Tour" Program


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