GEOTEC Office is successfully installed and run under Windows Vista. The main issue appeared when evaluating GEOTEC Office on Windows Vista is the new features in security. Administrator should be aware of these features to not block program functions. Of these features, Administrator should give users the appropriate access to folders where GEOTEC Office will save data. Users SHOULD NOT run GEOTEC Office under “Run as Administrator” mode under which GEOTEC Office will give error and failed to lunch its components.


Figure 3 Running GEOTEC Office under Windows Vista



Microsoft Office Web Components allow you to view and input data using interactive controls such as spreadsheet, chart, or database. GEOTEC Office uses Microsoft Office Web Components for inputting tabulated data (‎Figure 2). You can use the benefits provided by Microsoft Office Web Components-Spreadsheet control to easily define your data.

Earlier GEOTEC programs supported Office Web Components 9.0 only. GEOTEC Office 9.2 SP1 supports Office Web Components 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0. Office Web Components are distributed and licensed to be used in interactive mode by customers who have Microsoft Office according to ‎Table 2.GEOTEC does not distribute Office Web Components. Instead, GEOTEC Office tries to locate the installed Web Components. If there is no Web Components installed, GEOTEC Office will use its built-in spreadsheet.


Figure 2  GEOTEC Office uses Microsoft Office Web Components - Spreadsheet control

Table 1  Office Web Component distributed by Microsoft office

Microsoft Office

Office Web Component

Office 2000

Office Web Component 9.0

Office XP

Office Web Component 10.0

Office 2003

Office Web Component 11.0


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