New features

The program ELPLA is a part of the program group GEOTEC. The original program ELPLA 4.0 was developed firstly under the operating system MS-DOS and then it was revised for the operating system MS Windows 95 in order to use the possibilities of the user interface offered in it. The program runs also under Windows XP/ Vista / 7.

ELPLA has a significant enhancement. The new features and enhancements are the result of feedbacks from users over the last years. The major enhancement in Version 9.2 is the ability to carry out a consolidation analysis beside elastic settlement analysis using the different calculation methods that are available in ELPLA. ELPLA also uses different types of finite elements, allowing the user to analyze any irregular shape of slabs with arc boundaries. Many improvements have been carried out in the generation of the flexibility matrix to allow the user solving large size problems faster.

The most important enhancements in ELPLA are explained in the next paragraphs.

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