Example 3: Design of a raft of high rise building for different soil models and codes


Description of the problem

Cruz (1994) under the supervision of the author examined a raft of high rise building by the program ELPLA. He carried out the examination to show the different between the design of rafts according to national code (German code) and Euro code. Here, Kany/ El Gendy (1995) has chosen the same example with some modifications. The accurate method of interpolation is used instead of subareas method to obtain the three-dimensional flexibility coefficient and modulus of subgrade reaction for Continuum and Winkler's models, respectively.

To carry out the comparison between the different design codes and soil models, three different soil models are used to analyze the raft. In this example, three mathematical calculation methods are chosen to represent the three soil models: simple assumption, Winkler’s and Continuum models as shown in Table (24)....

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