Example 4: Design of a circular raft for a cylindrical core


Description of the problem

Ring or circular rafts can be used for cylindrical structures such as chimneys, silos, storage tanks, TV-towers and other structures. In this case, ring or circular raft is the best suitable foundation to the natural geometry of such structures. The design of circular rafts is quite similar to that of other rafts.

As a design example for circular rafts, consider the cylindrical core wall shown in Figure (35) as a part of five storeys-office building. The diameter of the core wall is 8.0 [m], while the width of the wall is B = 0.3 [m]. The core lies in the center of the building and it does not subject to any significant lateral applied loading. Therefore, the core wall carries only a vertical load of p = 300 [kN/m]. The base of the cylindrical core wall is chosen to be a circular raft of 10.0 [m] diameter with 1.0 [m] ring cantilever. A thin plain concrete of thickness 0.15 [m] is chosen under the raft and is not considered in any calculation.

Two analyses concerning the effect of wall rigidity on the raft are carried out in the actual design. Both by using the Continuum model (method 6) to represent the subsoil. The two cases of analyses are considered as follows:

Case 1:The presence of the core wall is ignored.

Case 2: A height of only one storey is taken into account, where the perimeter wall is modeled by beams having the flexural properties of B = 0.3 [m] width and H =3.0 [m] height. The choice of this reduced wall height because the wall above the first floor has many openings.

Figure (35) shows plan of the raft, wall load, dimensions and mesh with section through the raft and subsoil. The following text gives a description of the design properties and parameters.

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