Example 14: Beam foundation on elastic springs

altDescription of the problem

To verify the mathematical model of ELPLA for analyzing beam foundations, the results of beam foundation on elastic springs obtained by Rombach (2000) (Section 2.4.2, page 34) are compared with those obtained by ELPLA.

The geometry and the load of the foundation are the same as those of Rombach (2000) as shown in Figure 19. A strip foundation of thickness d = 0.60 [m] and length L = 5.0 [m] is considered.

The analysis is carried out for 1.0 [m] width stripe. The beam cross section yields Moment of Inertia I = 0.018 [m4] and Torsion modulus J = 0.045077 [m4]. The beam is subjected to a wall load of P = 1000 [kN/m] at the center.

The parameters of beam material (Concrete C30/70) are Young's modulus Eb = 3.2×107[kN/m2] and Shear modulus G = 1.3×107 [kN/m2]. Modulus of subgrade reaction of the soil is ks = 50000 [kN/m].


 Example 14: Beam foundation on elastic springs

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